domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

My Dream Classroom

Do you like your classroom? Would you prefer to have a different classroom? In this project you will have the opportunity to design your 'dream classroom' including as many things as your imagination can reach. But, first of all, let's check what we usually have in a 'normal' classroom. Watch the video and try to write down all the words that you understand about things that we have in our classroom / rucksack / pencilcase. Make a list with everything you hear for each of these 'places. Then, try to learn the lyrics and be ready to sing along :-)

Now that we know all the elements that can be found in a 'Dream Classroom' you are going to work in groups and create a poster describing your dream Classroom. Remember that your poster must contain information on these three topics:
- Pictures (remember to find the right 'top view' for the different elements).
- Labels: (the names of each element linked to it)
-Text: (write a text with all the information about the classroom according to the model studied in class.
Don't forget to look at the EVALUATION RUBRIC to know how well you can do your work.

If you prefer drawing an online plan of your 'Dream Classroom, you can try FLOORPLANNER. Click on 'Demo' and check it out. We'll se more details later.

lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Friday's songs

Here are this week's songs:
1. What a wonderful World. An old classical love song with many school subjects on it. Listen and try to write the lyrics with the help of the pictures on your worksheet:

And now, to celebrate that it's Friday, let's revise the days of the week with The Cure:

You can also try to do it online with LYRICS TRAINING
Good luck. And enjoy your weekend!!

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

I am, you are, she is...

Sé que algunos os estaréis preguntando cómo es que llevamos ya dos semanas de curso y todavía no hemos 'dado' el verbo "To be".
Una respuesta puede ser que en nuestro proyecto de "Time Capsule" ya hemos utilizado algunas expresiones con ese verbo, pero par que no quede duda, aquí va marchando una de "To be".
Escucha la canción, sigue las instrucciones del teacher y prepárate para hacer una versión personalizada del estribillo diciendo cómo eres tú. 
Good luck!

lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

Dear student...

My name is Diego Ojeda and I am your new teacher.
I’m 55 and I live in Motril (Granada) with my wife, Isabel. We have two children: Miguel Ángel (26) and Diego (22). They are university students and they live in Granada.
 I am an active person. I like cycling and walking in the mountains. I’m also good at cooking and I like almost all types of food except ‘callos’ (yuck!!) – I Love chocolate!!!- I don’t smoke and only occasionally I drink some alcohol (beer)
 I don't like music very much. I can't play any instrument and I am a very bad singer. When I listen to music, I prefer Spanish singers like Sabina or Amaral. Sometimes I listen to Extremoduro too :-)
My favourite English song is 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel.

Now, I would like to know something about you, so we can get to know each other a little better. I look forward to knowing from you soon.
Best wishes.

PS. (If you want to see a longer video-version of this welcome message, CLICK HERE )